The American Boat & Yacht Council (ABYC)
613 Third Street, Annapolis MD 21403


2020 Standards Week
& Annual Meeting 


January 6-10, 2020

New Orleans, Louisiana

What is Standards Week?

Standards are the core of ABYC as they are continuously researched, developed and revised. Over 400 voluntary marine professionals from all fields of the industry are involved in standards development and it all starts here! Make sure you and your company join in the meetings to have your voice heard and stay ahead of the curve! 









Top 4 Reasons to Attend Standards Week


The development and annual review of the standards provide guidelines which correlate directly with the significant reduction in the number of boating accidents over the past six decades. Get involved in the process and support boating safety!


Learn what standards are being revised or newly considered and how it could affect the future of boating and your business.



Catch up with old friends, make new contacts, exchange information, meet ABYC staff, and extend your network with industry leaders.



Project Technical Committee (PTC) meetings are your time to voice concerns and comment on the language of specific standards. It is essential to have a diverse group with the appropriate technical expertise at the table to ensure the highest quality standards.

Presenting  Sponsors


“Not only are the current standards discussed, but participants also have the opportunity to ask questions about specific issues that arise during the design and construction of their models. Everyone has the opportunity to provide input which can affect the industry standards covering their current and future product.”

Becky Smith, Sea Ray Product Development & Engineering Compliance Supervisor

“ABYC’s annual meeting is a perfect time to share successes, gain perspective about boating safety, and make new contacts. Repairers, technicians and surveyors can take advantage of this opportunity to be in the know and protect their work product.”

Kenneth Weinbrecht, President of Ocean Bay Marine Services Inc.

ABYC Annual Meeting

January 6, 2020

5:30pm - 8:30pm

Help ABYC and our dedicated volunteers celebrate all that’s happened in boating safety over the years. See old friends and meet new ones in this kickoff to Standards Week.  Cocktails and light appetizers help keep the conversations going and make for an evening well spent.


Anyone in the marine industry is encouraged to attend this free event!

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